We are all educated in one way or another, to paraphrase the great Dennis Kimbro, “each of us is a gallery of art” and despite our best wishes we cannot erase our efforts. Similarly, the formal and informal training we are given during our most formative years, shape us in ways that we spend our whole lives discovering.

Growing up, I noticed there was no movement encouraging black men to be well rounded like the skilled, intelligent and honorable men that our grandfathers and their fathers were before them. …


I write this in humility and love.

The Black family is ethereal. The building block by which all of creation stems. Our community thrives on trust and on an undefined spiritual connection that asks of and endows all of its members. We adhere to this and in turn are covered, but we also fail miserably. I’m sure that many of my Black readers are a part of a divided family. Parents divorced, siblings that don’t speak, relationships failed. A pact broken. We are a shell of who we used to be and an inkling of what we could be…

A Tale Of Two Citiez

So, I’m new to blogging and I’m very low key so if this isn’t the greatest or most insightful thing you’ve read today, that’s why.

My name is Sean Davis Jr. and I’m from Washington D.C. I was born in Washington Hospital Center and all. Throughout my life I’ve grown to love D.C. culture. Everything from the music to the lingo to the pride and loyalty for a football team resembling the economy — stagnant. and often one bad move away from crashing. Being from D.C. or Chocolate City as it was once affectionately called…


I have a deep need to understand and a deep need to express myself.

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